Who are we?

Handmade baked goods made with locally sourced ingredients are the epitome of luxury. Gourmet chefs take great pride in using only the finest ingredients, and they go to great lengths to source them from local purveyors.

For the discerning palate, there is nothing quite like a freshly baked pastry made with buttery croissant dough and filled with rich, creamy custard. Or a delicate cake layered with fresh fruit and topped with a glossy glaze.

When it comes to indulgence, Bourbon and Chocolate is in a class of their own.

  • Community

    Each quarter of our proceeds go to this amazing organization, Black Girls Cook.org.

  • Local

    Knowing where your food comes from is important to us. It provides a transparency and supports the local community. That is why we try our best to use only local ingredients.

  • Green

    All of our packaging is eco friendly.